Our current residential project in Rockyview County demostrates how our building philosophies can be priced competitvely with new houses of similar square footage in the area.

MEDIA ATTENTION - Alberta Venture Magazine Article (March 1, 2011)

Straw bale walls, double framed walls (insulated with rock wool and spray foam insulation) and ICF walls Off-the-Grid, zoned hydronic heating (solar with wood-fired boiler supplement)

High-tech air exchange system & Rain water collection system

Three foot overhangs over southern exposure windows

Triple glazed, Low-e, high performance windows & 100% recyclable metal roof (long-life)

Plastered walls (low toxicity) and concrete floors (thermal mass)

Re-used materials taken from previous tear-downs, very low waste production (no waste bin used - at 80% completion, we have created only 11 garbage bags of waste.

Hydronic lines in Footings for Dumping of Excess solar heat 

ICF Basement Installation
ICF with Bracing System
ICF walls before adjustments for concrete
Hambro steel flooring being installed and Steel I-beam salvaged from an industrial construction project
Vapour barrier basement wrap, main floor being prepared for heating lines and concrete
Main floor heating lines installed in zones (MACMAN TECHNOLOGIES)
Conventional garage framing - will use thermal imaging to compare performance to other parts of house during the height of summer and winter
Concrete pour over heating lines (ABS CONCRETE SYSTEMS)
Warmboard for second floor allows precise indoor temperature control and fast response to changing heat loads (HYDROSMART)
Second Floor: warmboard flooring with heating lines installed
Frost wall around main floor sections to be straw-bale insulated (4" rigid insulation, 4' deep)and steel screw pile structural support
Post and beam structure (orange posts)
Double framed wall - two insulated wall framed in a staggered pattern for better R-value
Base for Straw Bales
Installation of straw bales
Indoor representation of straw bale section
Interior of double framed walls wrapped with reflective insulation for vapour barrier and increased R-value

Black section: Double framed walls sitting on ICF basement

Grey section: Straw bale insulated

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