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Bedrooms to Basements, Foundations to Finishing


General Contracting and Strategic Consulting



Construction for ENERGY EFFICIENCY using ECO BUILDING Systems

Infrared THERMAL IMAGING - Certified inspector

Commercial and Residential

Energy and Design Consultants - Improve R-Value

Independant Evaluations and Inspections of Third Party Construction 



We are a small, Family owned and operated company.  Our mission is to prevent the unecessary heartache and costs of having a construction project done twice. Too many times have we been engaged to correct or rebuild recent projects due to mold, leaks, creaks, cracks, drafts or bad performance.

We involve ourselves from a project's inception to ensure the most efficient plan is created for any particular budget. An efficient home will be more comfortable to live in and saves money and resources. An efficient heating system (hydronic, hydronic solar ready or hydronic solar) will use much less natural gas than a high efficiency furnace. An efficient building envelope (rock-wool and /or spray-foam insulation, quality windows, framing practices, design) should maximize solar gain, minimize air leakage and require less energy to maintain the desired temperature. We can build R2000 and LEED certified buildings and have the expertice and experience to build 'off the grid'.

We perform a full-specturm of construction services, including thermal imaging. We are educated construction professionals experienced in enviromentally sound building, structural science and whole-home systems; we are qualified to correct structural deficiencies, improve envelope performance and be a guide through the many stages of the construction process.



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